Automated Seat Covers vs. Toilet Seat Covers that Are Disposable

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There is a lot of debate as to whether toilet seat covers really protect you from germs and viruses that might be lurking on public toilet seats. The fact is, many germs and bacteria, including E. coli and Staph, can and do survive for extended periods of time on non-porous surfaces such as a toilet seat. When you consider what a toilet is used for, taking a chance with a naked seat is really like taking your life into your own hands.

Therefore, having established that, there is no denying that toilet seat covers are necessary. The real question is how our automated seat covers stack up against traditional paper toilet seat covers that are disposable. Let’s take a look at how the two compare.

How Traditional Disposable Toilet Seat Covers Work

disposable toilet seat cover systemWhen traditional disposable toilet seat covers first hit the public bathroom scene, they were a godsend. People praised their function, for it meant their naked derrieres needn’t come in contact with dirty toilet seats ever again. Unfortunately, the fascination and glorification wore off quickly. They became more of a hindrance than a help for both users and bathroom owners alike.

In the beginning, and even so today, traditional disposable toilet seat covers fail to do their job adequately. While definitely a great idea in concept, their design if flawed. They are usually made of thin paper that wafts away at the slightest breeze. The porous nature of the material absorbs moisture quickly, making them useless against splashes on the surface of a toilet seat.

Users find the paper variety toilet seat covers very difficult to use properly. The very nature of their manual installation makes them an unsanitary option from the get-go. Having to pull one out of the dispenser on the wall and physically place it on the toilet seat leaves plenty of opportunity for germ and bacteria transfer from the seat to the user’s skin.

Once installed, paper toilet seat covers rarely stay in place as the user sits down. They either fall into the toilet or onto the floor, where they typically remain until staff cleans the bathroom. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how quickly a public restroom can become an unsanitary mess. Not to mention, how costly it can be in time spent cleaning and money spent on toilet seat covers that fail almost every time they are used.

How Automatic Toilet Seat Covers Work

Toilet Seat Covers that are Disposable and AutomaticHere at Brill Seat, we’ve taken the toilet seat cover and revolutionized it. We use the most advanced computerized technology to create automatic toilet seat covers that eliminate all the negative aspects of the traditional seat protector.

When someone enters a stall where a disposable toilet seat cover system is installed, they find that the toilet seat is already covered by a clean, sanitary plastic tube. There’s no need to ever physically touch the naked toilet seat. Once the user is finished using the bathroom, the computerized system senses so, and proceeds to cut off the used toilet seat cover and replace it automatically with a fresh, sanitary one. The only time anyone needs to touch the system is to replace the roll of new seat covers or dispose of the used roll of seat covers. That’s it.

Visitors to the bathroom never have to worry about using an unprotected toilet seat, nor does staff have to spend time cleaning up used toilet seat covers from the floor. It’s a win-win for everyone.

More Information on Toilet Seat Covers that are Disposable and Automatic

We know it can be challenging keeping a public restroom clean and sanitary at all times. You can’t be on bathroom duty every minute of every day, but with toilet seat covers that are disposable and automatic, the job is easier and cheaper, and your bathroom visitors happier. Call us today at 1-800-330-6696 to find out how our wholesale sanitary toilet covers can save you time and money while providing your employees and customers with a healthy bathroom environment free of worry.