Are Automatic Toilet Seat Covers the Next Big thing for Churches?

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Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

Hygiene is a major concern in any bathroom area or where people tend to congregate. Churches are one of these establishments where large groups of people tend to gather regularly and keeping their facilities clean can be a challenge. Patrons don’t always respect shared areas like the bathroom and may not clean up after themselves after they’re done using the facilities

Automatic toilet seat covers provide an easy and ideal solution for keeping the facilities clean and sanitary for patrons. They help cut down on cleaning costs, save time, and above all keep these shared facilities clean.

Eliminating Germs

toilet seat cover systemGerms and bacteria are always a major concern when it comes to the bathroom, especially shared ones where multiple people will be using them frequently. There’s always the present worry of catching a bug that can make other patrons sick and can be potentially spread to other people. Decreasing the chances of this happening can be a challenge even with frequent cleaning since there may not always be a person available to thoroughly clean the shared facilities.

The automatic toilet seat cover system provides the ideal solution to answer this concern without having to take up extra time or energy. When a patron is done using the facilities, the system automatically replaced the surface with a new toilet seat cover. Rolling up the used one so it can be reused and the next person will have a fresh surface. The transition is easy, simple, and doesn’t require extra hands to keep running.

Decreasing Maintenance

Our unique system not only keeps the bathroom environment cleaner, but makes it easier to maintain. There’s plenty of maintenance that goes into keeping a bathroom clean and it can be difficult to keep up with the demand. When outside traffic and visitors start increasing, this means there’s more potential for a greater mess to occur in the bathroom.

The automatic system makes it easier than ever for seat covers to be replaced that require only the minimum of manual handling. The system is designed to automatically replace toilet seat covers once the old one has been used. During no point in time does a patron have to touch the toilet seat covers on their own or worry about disposing of it. Even when the toilet seat covers have to be changed out, the process is fairly simple. The roll with the used toilet seat covers simply needs to be detached, thrown away, and a fresh one replaced for the system to use. This takes less than a minute to complete and makes the process of cleaning the bathroom much easier.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversEstablishments who invest in our toilet seat cover system have experienced increased customer satisfaction. Why work harder when you can work smarter, right? The automatic system has made it easier than ever to keep these areas of an establishment clean, easy to use, and to maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom.

Reducing maintenance costs is another side benefit of using our innovative system for your own bathroom facilities. Traditional toilet seat covers tear easily and usually end up in other areas they aren’t supposed to be in. These poor quality toilet seat covers rip and tear easily, making them nearly impossible to be of any benefit. Even when patrons are able to apply them, they have to do so manually. Completely negating the effects of using the toilet seat cover in the first place since their hands come in contact with the surface.

These multiple toilet seat covers can increase maintenance costs too since they’re so problematic. They can cause the toilet to overflow, be torn to shreds on the floor, and make cleaning an even greater chore. Investing in our innovative system will make the cleaning process easier and ensure you get more use out of your products. Our sanitary products will help your facilities to be more sanitary and easy to clean.