Automatic Toilet Seat Covers for NPO’s

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Automatic Toilet Seat Covers

protective toilet seat covers systemWhen the schedule is full and everyone is busy, it’s inevitable to make use of the restroom facilities on site. Suffice to say, not everyone respects these shared spaces which can end up being messy from products being thrown on the floor to sub-par quality toilet seat covers that don’t meet a certain standard of functionality.

Why Our Toilet Seat Covers are the Best

Automatic toilet seat covers are just the better option across the board for shared restroom facilities since they eliminate several issues like cross contamination, help save on cleaning costs, and ensure there is no wasted product littering the floor.

The way our product works is simple, effective, and innovative for NPO’s. The way it works is there are two rolls of plastic that people will notice on our system. The first roll of plastic holds the clean, unused toilet seat covers. When a person is done using the facilities the system automatically rips off the used toilet seat cover and rolls it up. Once the used one is out of the way the toilet seat is covered with a fresh sheet of plastic so the next person has a fresh surface next time they visit the restroom.

Helps Cut Down on Wasted Product

Automatic Toilet Seat CoversOne of the other reasons we highly recommend our toilet seat cover system is because it helps cut down on wasted product. Traditional toilet seat covers are usually made from cheap plastic or paper which tears easily and must be applied manually. Most of the time these lower quality toilet seat covers go unused since they either fall into the toilet bowl, are ripped during application, or fall onto the floor.

This creates a mess in the bathroom that can be a headache to deal with since the lower quality toilet seat covers break apart so easily. Meaning the cleaning staff in charge of keeping the bathroom clean must dedicate extra time to picking it up instead of focusing on other areas.

Our toilet seat cover system eliminates this issue since it’s impossible for the covers to end up on the floor. The only parts of the system cleaning staff must worry about is the two small rolls of plastic on either side. Once the toilet seat covers have been used they’re rolled up and stored to the side by our system. The plastic roll with the used toilet seat covers just must be picked up and thrown into the trash and replaced with a new roll. This takes less than a minute to do and makes the cleaning process much easier.

Eliminate Germs

The upside to using our protective toilet seat covers system is they help to prevent cross contamination. The bathroom is an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria since moisture tends to collect in the corners. This warm, humid environment allows germs and bacteria to thrive which puts people at risk of getting sick.

Combined with the poor quality of traditional toilet seat covers and shared surfaces, germs can spread easily. When a clean surface is available for people to use, there is little chance of cross contamination taking place.

Keeping better sanitary conditions for everyone is the ideal way to go using our automatic toilet seat covers. These shared facilities should be a place everyone is able to use without having to worry about a mess when they enter the bathroom. We encourage our customers to give our system a try and to experience the difference of our automated system for themselves. Save on cleaning and product costs with our system and never deal with these problems ever again.