Dispelling the Top Myths About Protective Toilet Seat Covers

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Are you ever worried about how sanitary the toilet seat is when you use it? Many people automatically reach for toilet seat covers in order to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. On the one hand this is a good thing, but on the other it has led to a few myths revolving around the bathroom. Are these myths true? No they are not.

Do Toilet Seat Covers Protect You From Catching an STD in the bathroom?

Brill-CrewThe idea of someone catching an STD from a toilet seat seems like a real concern, right? While a toilet seat cover can protect you from spreading germs and bacteria. The chances of catching an STD from the toilet seat itself is extremely low.  Outside of a human host viruses like HIV and herpes do not survive very long. They also have little to no chance to getting through human skin in such a weakened state too. The only small chance a person may have of even catching an STD is if they had an open wound when using the bathroom and the virus had the slim chance of getting into the person’s body through the wound. The chances of this happening are slime to none though.

The Toilet Seat Has the Worst Germs

Flush Away Your Worries with Brill Disposable Toilet Seat CoversWhere people go to do their personal business when they enter the bathroom has led to the myth it’s the dirtiest place in any public restroom or home. This actually isn’t true at all. While a toilet seat can be home to germs and bacteria. Toilet covers provide a good buffer of keeping them from spreading. The dirtiest parts of the bathroom are actually the floors and the faucet area. There are more chances of catching something from these areas than from the toilet seat.

Toilet Covers Make it Harder to Clean the Bathroom

It honestly depends on how well maintained the bathroom is. There are people who use public restrooms and refuse to clean up after themselves. Most of the time though toilet seat covers can be disposed of easily. As long as they are disposed of properly they don’t create a bigger mess at all. Unless a person decides not to throw a cover away and leaves it where it is, or let’s it fall to the ground. This can create a bigger mess and spread germs around the bathroom.

Covers for Toilet Seats are Useless

While there’s very little chance of germs spreading when using a toilet seat without a cover. Many people often assume the covers are useless and a waist. It’s quite the opposite as a matter of fact. There are times when a person or even a small child may accidentally make a mess on the seat. By having a cover as a buffer not only is this mess easily disposed of. It allows the next occupant to use the bathroom without having to worry about dealing with the mess afterward. It also helps to keep the toilet seat clean in the event an employee is unable to clean the bathroom.

How do I Make Sure I don’t Catch Anything when Using the Bathroom?

Toilet Seat CoversIn order to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. There are a couple of precautions for when you enter the bathroom. Never place any items on the floor of the bathroom. When it comes to flushing the toilet be sure to use your foot in order to flush. When washing your hands make sure you turn the faucet on and off with a paper towel. Faucets are usually a big source of bacteria and germs that are easy to catch. This is due to water droplets gathering on the sink which becomes a breeding ground for them.

There’s no reason to fear going into the bathroom. Many of the myths surrounding them are either completely untrue or exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness. With some common sense and just using basic techniques to stay clean. It’s very easy to walk into any bathroom and use the facilities without incident. The chances of even catching a cold in the bathroom are slim to none. The truth is covers for toilet seats are a necessary service, and help to keep the bathroom sanitary.