What are the Health Benefits of Toilet Seat Covers?

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What are the health benefits of toilet seat covers? Quality toilet seat covers offer security from germs and dirt that may be present in public restrooms, and let’s face it, the appearance of your business’s restroom goes a long way in the confidence customers have in you and your business. Brill Hygienic Products, Incorporated wants you to know that we are committed to making sure our toilet seat covers provide the most health benefits that toilet seat covers have to offer. With our patented technology you, nor your customers, need ever worry about the cleanliness of a public restroom.

The Best Public Toilet Seat Covers

Best Public Toilet Seat CoversBrill Hygienic Products, Inc. offers the newest technology in toilet seat covers. Our covers are the best public toilet seat covers available on the market today that are made totally in the United States. By choosing Brill, you are choosing the best option for your business while supporting a made in America technology. Our toilet seat covers offer a hands free and completely hygienic experience that uses high tech and revolutionary ideas to protect our customers when using public restrooms. Using the best toilet seat covers we have to offer will also cut down on the overall costs of maintaining your restroom facilities. With our technology, your restrooms will not need to be attended to as often, the chances of clogs due to paper covers being flushed will be reduced and the floor will also stay cleaner as excess paper covers cannot be strewn on the floors.

Brill’s hands free technology allows the user to move the plastic sheeting around the toilet seat for a new cover by simply waving their hand over a wall mounted sensor or by pushing a green button. The seat automatically moves the old seat cover around and disposes of it while a new seat cover takes its place. Your patrons will be assured of a new and clean seat cover each and every time. In addition, with clean seat covers the risk to accidental exposure to germs by eliminating the need to use hands to cover the seat. Our stellar reputation has allowed us to build a business of thousands of customers already using our automatic seat cover technology. Join them today, and ensure the cleanliness and comfort of your restrooms.

Public Restroom Toilet Covers

Whether you want to admit it or not, the condition of your restroom facilities can add or detract from your business. Even in small businesses, customers will inevitably need to use the restroom at some point, and in large venues this is an absolute certainty. Public restroom toilet covers are a convenience business owners can provide to their customers to make using a public restroom more comfortable. Unfortunately, a public restroom will see a decline in cleanliness as a day progresses, especially at larger venues. Using public restroom toilet covers can help you keep your restrooms cleaner for your customers. At Brill, we pride ourselves on providing a hands free, clean device that provides a new cover for each and every user. Let us help you impress your customers with the cleanest restrooms around. Believe it or not, a clean restroom can garner repeat customers and word of mouth concerning clean restroom facilities can only help your business, while a reputation of unpleasant and dirty restrooms can deter customers from visiting your business at all.

We have everything you need to make sure you have the cleanest and most hygienic restrooms possible. With corporate customers such as Yankees Stadium, McDonalds and major casinos and airports we strive to provide the best product and the best customer service possible. Our product is on the cutting edge of technology and has been featured in news stories across the country including The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. It is easy to see why companies nationwide are choosing us for their restroom sanitation needs. Let us show you how you can use our automatic toilet seat cover system to totally innovate and revolutionize your restrooms. You can call us at 1-800-330-6696 or visit our website at www.brillseat.com. We are here to serve you and get you started on having the cleanest restrooms possible.