Ditch Bulk Paper Toilet Seat Covers And Try Something Different

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Any business can tell you that keeping their toilets clean and neat for customers can be a real problem. Paper toilet seat covers are designed to help keep them cleaner for longer, but they’re not always up to the task. Why not try something a bit different? Here’s why an automated toilet seat cover system could be just the thing to keep your bathrooms clean.

Keeping Bathrooms Clean Is An Uphill Struggle

Customers are in and out of your bathrooms all day. No matter how many staff you have on, it can be difficult to keep the toilets clean throughout the day. You need to keep checking on them, and spare the time to give them a deep clean every few hours.

Sound impossible? You’re not wrong. Especially on busy weekends, keeping those bathrooms clean and stocked can be nothing short of a nightmare. That’s why you buy public toilet seat paper covers to help you keep up.

Paper Toilet Seat Covers Can’t Stand Up To The Pressure

Brill Toilet Seat Cover System

The toilet seat covers that most companies buy are the type that you buy in bulk, and stock above the toilet in a dispenser. In theory, these are perfect. Customers can pull one out, cover the toilet, and use it knowing that it’s clean.

In practice though, that doesn’t happen. The dispenser always seems to give too many covers at once, and they get sucked in by the automatic flush before the customer has even had a chance to use it. Anyone who’s had to clean a public toilet will know the horror of having to pick up all these discarded covers from the floor at the end of a busy shift.

Try Something Different With A Brill Toilet Seat Cover System

Does this all sound familiar to you? Then the answer could be in automatic toilet seat paper covers. These systems negate all the problems with toilet seat covers, leaving both you and your customers happy.

The system is installed on each toilet in your bathroom, and automatically places a cover on the toilet seat. When someone enters the stall, the system is automatically engaged. It will pull off the old cover, and place a new one without the customer ever having to touch the seat itself. It’s a system that more and more businesses are using now, and you can see why.

The Benefits To Your Business

So, is it worth installing a paper toilet seat cover system? It certainly is. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll see from using them:

  • paper toilet seat coversCleaner bathrooms: This is the big benefit you’ll see right away. As paper toilet seat covers aren’t being pulled out by customers, they won’t be on the floor anymore. The toilets will stay cleaner too, as the covers will always stay on. Both you and your customers will love it.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: You’ll also see that your customers will be happier with your facilities. The cleanliness of the bathrooms says a lot about you as a company, after all.
  • Less time needed to maintain bathrooms: With an automated toilet seat system, you don’t need neatly as much time in the bathroom to keep it clean. That means your employees will be happy, as they’re not having to deal with them as often. You’ll be happy too, as you can keep employees out, helping your customers, rather than cleaning bathrooms.
  • Reduced expenses: As your customers aren’t pulling out multiple toilet seat covers at once, you’ll find that you don’t need to buy neatly as many toilet seat covers as you used to. It’s one seat cover per user, and that’s it.

There’s lots of reasons why you should try out automated toilet seat covers. Install them in your bathrooms, and you’ll find that maintaining them is suddenly a whole lot easier. Test them and see for yourself.