How Your Restaurant Can Benefit from Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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Restaurants have a strict reputation to uphold when it comes to cleanliness. They are expected to hold the standard in terms of business, cleanliness, and customer service. Patrons who walk into a restaurant expect only the highest quality from these establishments, even when it comes down to their restrooms.

Help Keep Your Restrooms Clean

disposable toilet seat coversThe majority of establishments who have a public restroom are expected to keep it clean and orderly. The downside to these public facilities is that patrons don’t always respect them like they should. They can often make a mess when using the restroom which can create a messy environment for the next group of people who need to use the facilities.

One of the reasons here at Brill Seat we encourage our clients to invest in disposable toilet seat covers is because they help to keep your restroom facilities clean in the long run. Traditional toilet seat covers are usually made out of a very thin paper or plastic that tears easily. These toilet seat covers are ineffective for providing a clean surface on the toilet seat since they have to be applied manually in order for them to work. These covers often fall off the toilet, drop into the bowl, or people simply find them to tedious to use. Due to the fragile nature of these toilet seat covers patrons don’t often take the initiative to throw them away if they do drop to the floor which creates an even bigger mess in the facilities.

Saves Time, Money, and Hassle in the Long Run

Why invest in automatic disposable seat covers? We get asked this question a lot, and the main reason people invest in our products is the convenience. Traditional toilet seat covers can cost a pretty penny and the majority of the time only a fraction of them are used for their intended purposes. The rest of these low quality covers often make their way to the ground where they can become ripped, torn, and soaked in liquids. This means your cleaning staff may spend more time cleaning up these messes instead of focusing their efforts on cleaning other parts of the bathroom.

Our cheap disposable toilet seat covers make cleaning process in the bathroom much easier for not only your cleaning staff, but your entire restaurant. Our automatic system makes it impossible for materials to be wasted since everything stays in one place. How it works is that our system uses one roll of plastic toilet seat covers that are stored on the side of the toilet seat. When a patron is done using the facilities the automatic system immediately wraps up the used plastic. The system then covers the seat in a fresh cover so the next patron can have a clean service.

This automatic system makes it ten times easier to keep toilets clean and to replace the toilet seat covers. People who are responsible for cleaning the bathroom simply have to throw away the old and used plastic roll and install a new one. This only takes a few seconds and they can move onto the next stall to replace the other toilet seat cover rolls. There’s no hassle, no fuss, and best of all no wasted materials.

Here at Brill Seat, we believe our clients shouldn’t have to worry about keeping their bathrooms clean. Many restaurant establishments have invested in our automatic toilet seat cover system to keep their restroom facilities clean. While some may wince at the initial cost, this investment has ended up saving them more money in the long run. They save time, money, and labor when it comes to their restrooms since they don’t have to dedicate so much to cleaning them constantly.

We are also always more then happy to answer any inquiries people may have about our system. Please feel free to call us or to explore our website for more information.