Keep your Bathroom Clean with Public Restroom Toilet Seat Covers

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Running a business is hard work. When you have clients coming and going from your place of business on a daily basis, you have a lot to focus on. One of the things you shouldn’t have to spend too much time worrying about is the cleanliness of your restroom facilities. Having a clean bathroom can speak volumes about your business, but it can also take a lot of time and money to maintain.

When you opt to use automatic toilet seat covers from Brill, you can help ensure your customers, clients and employees are treated to a clean bathroom and you are treated to a little more free time. Let us help you keep your bathrooms clean and safe so you can focus your attention on more important matters.


Toilet seat covers protect from germs

One of the biggest benefits of using toilet seat covers is that they help protect your customers and employees from germs found in the bathroom. This protection could save you a lot of money in avoided sick time and unhappy clients. The t

Toilet covers are created from thin sheets of paper and are used as a protective barrier between the toilet seat and the individual using the bathroom. This protective barrier can help prevent the spread of germs between individual and the toilet seat as well as the other way around. Using covers is a great way to promote healthy bathroom behaviors among employees and customers.

Using public restroom toilet covers is one step you can control. Encourage proper bathroom hygiene by providing toilet seat covers, access to soap dispensers and clean sinks.


Protective toilet seat covers keep floors clean


Public Restroom Toilet Seat CoversA dirty bathroom in your small business can turn away customers. Clients could assume that if you can’t take care of your bathroom area, the rest of your business may be neglected as well. When you use public bathroom toilet seat covers, you not only promote cleanliness you can ensure that your bathroom stays clean by using our automatic models.

Our automatic protective toilet seat covers make it impossible for guests to take too many toilet seat covers. You can forget about papers strewn across the floor. The automatic cover model instantly places a toilet seat cover onto the seat, which is then flushed down the toilet. You’ll save time cleaning up the bathroom and your guests will be able to enjoy a litter-free public restroom.


Customers will feel more comfortable in your restrooms


Have you ever been to a grungy gas station? When you walk in you just know the bathroom is going to be creepy and gross. When you run a small business where customers frequent the bathroom area, using toilet covers for public restrooms can help ensure that your guests feel comfortable in your bathroom.

Offering protective covers is a simple way of showing your customers you are concerned about their health and welfare. Toilet seat covers for public restrooms are a cost effective way to create a subtle feeling of trust between you and your customers. When you need toilet seat covers don’t settle for less, choose the best public restroom toilet covers from Brill.

You can help you can customers feel at ease in your place of business by providing a clean public restroom environment. Taking simple steps including regular cleaning and the offering of toilet seat covers will help elevate the appearance of your business.


Save money with the best public bathroom toilet seat covers

One major benefit of using cheap public bathroom toilet seat covers is that you can help reduce your costs. You shouldn’t break the bank keeping you restroom clean. Our public bathroom toilet seat covers are affordable and high quality.

Using seat covers can help you cut your spending by promoting healthy behavior. Reducing the spread of germs in the bathroom can significantly reduce sick days. By reducing the spread of germs through exposure and encouraging proper hand washing in your workspace you could save thousands of dollars in lost work time. In addition, using an automatic dispenser can help reduce the time you need to spend cleaning your public restroom. Our automatic dispensers also prevent waste, which means you’ll need to purchase new covers less often, saving you money.