It’s Time to Turn to Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

When an establishment is required to host public facilities to use they’re responsible for keeping it clean and presentable at all times. These areas can often end up becoming a mess rather quickly when patrons are constantly coming in and out of them most of the day. While most patrons will respect such areas and dispose of their items once they’re done, others may not respect these shared spaces. Often leaving behind a mess or forgetting to clean-up after themselves when they’ve left the facilities.

Reversing the Contributions to the Mess

automatic disposable toilet seat coversDisposable toilet seat covers are an ideal solution for public bathroom facilities since they give each patron a fresh service to sit on rather than one used by a previous person. The difference between these and the traditional toilet seat covers is ease of use and reducing the need to cleanup so often.

Traditional toilet seat covers serve a basic function of providing a clean surface for patrons to place on the seat when they have to use the bathroom facilities. The downside is these subpar quality toilet seat covers don’t often holdup to the task they’re supposed to be used for in the first place. They usually have to be applied manually which negates the necessity of using them in the first place since it’s impossible not to touch the toilet seat in the first place. Once the cover is placed it can often fall into the porcelain bowl, rip, tear, or even fall to the floor if mishandled.

Traditional toilet seat covers are also notorious for ripping easily or being knocked off the lid of the toilet seat. This makes them highly inefficient to use as a clean surface and they usually end up creating a bigger mess for people to clean up than is worth the cost.

Saving Smarter Without Working Harder

Our automatic disposable toilet seat covers will help to cut down on cleaning costs and the need to keep investing in subpar quality products. Our innovative system will make the cleaning process easier, keep the facilities more sanitary, and raise customer satisfaction.

Disposable Toilet Seat CoversHow our system works is there’s a roll plastic that contains unused toilet seat covers. When a patron is done using the facilities the toilet seat cover is automatically rolled up to the other side. There’s no point where the patron has to manually apply the toilet seat cover on their own or worry about not having a clean surface. The toilet seat is then covered with a fresh surface and the process repeated itself.

This cuts down on cleaning costs and saves on wasted resources since there’s rarely a chance for toilet seat covers to end up on the floor. Patrons don’t have to worry about not having a fresh surface since the toilet seat cover is changed after each use. When cleaning time comes around the plastic roll simply has to be unclipped, thrown away, and a fresh roll placed for another round of use.

This process has saved many businesses time and resources dedicated to just sanitizing these facilities and making them presentable for the public. Our automatic toilet seat covers will make the cleaning process more efficient, waste less resources, and help to cut down the costs. Why pay for resources that end up on the floor trampled, damp, or completely torn? They have to be cleaned up in the end and it often ends up being too much of a hassle to keep around for the long run.

Here at Brill Seat, we care about our customers and ensuring they make the right investment. We believe in working smarter, not harder when it comes to our innovative new system. Many of our clients have found our system to make their facilities cleaner, easier to manage, and to cut down the cost of investing in subpar quality toilet seat covers.