Visiting Unappealing Public Restrooms

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If you are the type of person that likes to travel a lot, with work, family or other reasons, you probably use public restrooms quite often. Various places of business offer you the availability to use their restrooms anytime you are passing through. This can present a problem however, when it comes to the cleanliness of the bathroom in the variety of places you go to. That is why Brill Seat offers cheap sanitary toilet seat covers for all places of business.

Public restrooms sometimes will have multiple stalls for you to use, while others just offer one stall for public use. There are even gas stations that only have one bathroom for men and women share when you head in to grab a snack or beverage. That is a lot of foot traffic in and out of public restrooms. What that boils down to is the amount of people you are sharing the bathroom with. Most of the people you do not even see. The other thing you do not see if how well the owners and employees clean their restrooms that are for public use. There is, of course, obvious un-cleanliness, but what about the stuff you can’t see in the restroom stall?

Struggling with paper toilet seat covers

paper toilet seat coversWhen you head into a restroom that has regular paper toilet seat covers you are left to lay them out on the seat yourself. That can be incredibly frustrating for those wanting to make a quick stop. It is even more frustrating when you are struggling to get the paper toilet seat cover to stay on the seat. How many times have you accidently dropped a part of the paper seat cover in the toilet? Once the seat cover is wet you have to start all over.

The most frustrating part about this is there is not always a full stock of the paper covers above the toilet. Some places do not even have the toilet seat covers in their bathrooms. That is why public restrooms should be using cheap sanitary toilet seat covers that are electronic. This allows the business owner to simply install the device on the toilet and with the wave of a hand over the sensor, each consumer is sure to have a sanitary experience when using the restroom. There is no more touching the toilet seat with your hands or your nether regions. The Brill Electronic seat covers do the dirty work for you.

Electronic Toilet seat covers should be in all restrooms

The cheap sanitary toilet seat covers do not fall off of the toilet onto the floor. They cannot fall into the toilet once you sit on them either. The electronic toilet seat covers are hands free the entire time you are in the restroom. This unique innovative technology should be in all public restrooms. Using something like this not only allows complete convenience but it also is a big aid when it comes to containing the spread of unnecessary germs throughout an establishment.

When using cheap sanitary toilet seat covers you literally make almost your entire bathroom experience hands free. Ninety percent of public restrooms already have hands free sinks, soaps dispenser and paper towel dispensers. This simple change over the past several years gave us more confidence when exiting a bathroom by grabbing a hold of the door. Not knowing who has washed their hands is a bit of a detour. So just think of how much more sanitary those door handles will be keeping in mind no one who entered the bathroom even came close to touching the actual toilet seat.

We offer electronic seat covers to all companies

By now you should be convinced on the ease and peace of mind electronic cheap sanitary toilet seat covers offer the public who use restrooms regularly. Brill Hygienic Products is proud to be the supplier of this exciting product. We offer it to all businesses out there. This allows even businesses who do not have the public entering their establishment the capability to have this product for their employees and themselves. Take the time to spread the word and check out our website to see a video of how the electronic seat cover actually works. You will not be let down by the technology. You can also rest assured you will be pleased each time to use the restroom knowing you had a sanitary experience.