Why Highway Rest Stops Need A Toilet Seat Cover System

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Visiting a public restroom is never the best experience, but highway rest stops have a certain reputation. If you run a rest stop, doubtless you want to change all of that. That’s why we have devised a new toilet seat cover system that makes your bathrooms the cleanest around. Here’s everything you need to know.

Highway Rest Stops Aren’t Known For Cleanliness

Highway rest stops are a necessity. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to pull over and pay a visit to the bathrooms in one, no matter how much you’d rather not. Think about your recent experiences. The bathrooms are really never as clean as they should be, are they?

In your rest stop, you try and keep yours as clean as possible. However, there’s only so much time you can dedicate to cleaning them, and there’s people streaming in and out all day and night. It’s pretty much impossible to keep up. What do you do to keep the toilets clean?

Toilet Seat Covers Beat DIY Solutions

Everyone knows the usual DIY solution to a less than perfectly clean toilet. You take toilet roll and drape it over the seat before sitting down. However, we can all agree it just doesn’t work like it should. The toilet roll falls down the toilet as you sit, or it falls onto the floor creating a mess. Let’s not speak of how it gets stuck to your shoes, too!

Toilet seat covers are ok, but they’re still not a perfect system. You pull them out of the dispenser but usually two or three come at once, wasting resources. Then, they too may well fall into the toilet before they can be used. All in all, they’re just wasteful.

So what’s the solution? Automatic toilet seat covers, of course.

automated toilet seat cover system

Why A Toilet Seat Cover System Is The Perfect Solution

So, what’s the difference between normal toilet seat covers and automatic ones? Well, it’s simple but it’s ingenious. When you enter a stall with an automated toilet seat cover system, all you have to do is wave your hand or push a button. The system pulls the old toilet seat cover off and cuts it off, while placing a brand new cover on the seat. This means you’re guaranteed a new seat cover every time, making your experience much more hygienic.

How BRiLL Hygiene Products Work

Ok, so automated toilet seat covers are clearly better than other solutions. Are they the best thing to use to keep your rest stop bathrooms clean? Here’s some of the benefits of using our products.

  • Know your restrooms are clean: If you’re low on staff, it’s difficult to let them go and check the bathrooms regularly. They’re simply needed elsewhere. If you have these public bathroom toilet seat covers system, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll stay cleaner, for longer.
  • Toilet Seat Cover SystemIncreased customer satisfaction: Your customers are paying attention to the state of your restrooms. They reflect on your business as a whole, so you need them to be pleasing to them. Using our toilet seat covers means that they’ll experience a clean and pleasant bathroom, every time they visit.
  • Exciting new technology: We’re all impressed by new technology, even if it is in the bathroom. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised by finding the system in the stalls, and impressed that you’ve decided to invest in it.
  • Save on wasted items: You’ll find that you’ll spend much less on toilet roll and regular toilet seat covers, as they aren’t being wasted when customers try to use them. An automated system ensures everyone gets one cover, every time they visit the bathroom. Plus, you’ll no longer be cleaning up old toilet roll from the floors!
  • Improve the standing of your rest stop: Overall, you’ll find that your rest stop will be rated much higher than others nearby. Customers will appreciate the effort taken in keeping the toilets clean, and will recommend you to their friends. What could be better?

As you can see, it’s well worth investing in an automated cover system. Get in touch and we’ll give you a quote. It’s much cheaper than you’d think!